About Us

Overview is the No. 1 Matchmaker platform in the MENA region dedicated to serve a niche audience consisting of entrepreneurs, small business, startups, business owners, self-employed professionals, investors and SMEs.

So, we’re helping them discover, compare and save on various products and services their businesses and enterprises need. Then, we connect them with our large network of other entrepreneurs who turned out to be the service providers.

Thus, it’s a platform of entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurs and to

entrepreneurs. Having said that, entrepreneurs are the ones who flourish GDPs and economies of nations. However, it’s far beyond this basic introduction! We’re building a home dedicated to serve those beautiful minds, those amazing people who struggle, toil, sweat to implement their passion, ideas and solutions to make this world a better place to live, work, and do business. Subsequently, helping every human being to fulfill her/his purpose in this amazing life!



To be the No. 1 Online Marketplace trusted by SMEs and entrepreneurs in the MENA region.


Serving SMEs and entrepreneurs by make it easy for them to do business as cost-effective way possible anywhere in the MENA region.